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Hearthorse is a love letter from two horse crazy little girls who grew up to be passionate horsewomen.

Our heart horses plant within us a seed of possibility.  Hearthorse is here to help you tend, nurture, and celebrate that relationship alongside other horse lovers. 
This is the community where you can feel free to explore honest growth. A safe space to receive support. A platform that encourages the diversity of each unique horse-human connection and allows for deep friendships to be formed. 
With a focus on building relationships with our equine partners and exploring topics related to both the personal and practical realms of the horsey life, Hearthorse provides members a unique outlet for exploring their connection to their horses and to themselves.  This community is tailored to those who currently have horses in their care, but we welcome and encourage members who are horse-inclined but who may not have direct access to horses. Hearthorse strives to be a supportive community for all.  While the Hearthorse aesthetic and approach is distinctly feminine, we are inclusive of all identities.  
Do you really, like, REALLY love your horse?  Do horses inspire you to learn and grow?  Do you want to join a community of individuals who share your passion for connecting to horses?  Then the Hearthorse subscription is most certainly for you!
Tista & Charlotte
Tista, Juno, Charlotte and Salem walk through Griffith Park   

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